Kitti Gosztola

I mainly focus on the aesthetic and social dimensions of the construction and politics of natural sciences. My works range from tackling craftsmanship and materialities through works based on archival research to projects focusing on socio-political issues – from reinterpreting the cow appendix membranes once used in Zeppelins through reevaluating invasive species with participants outside the artworld to a long-running investigation into Hungary’s marine imaginations.




Born 1986 in Székesfehérvár (HU)

Lives and works in Budapest (HU)




2014-2017       Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Doctoral Programme, Budapest (HU)

2007-2012      Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Budapest (HU)




2020   Derkovits Scholarship (HU)

2019    Esterházy Art Award shortlisted, Budapest (HU)

2019    DECODE, special prize, Budapest (HU)

2019    Ivan Juritz Prize listed, London (UK)

2019    Derkovits Scholarship (HU)

2018    Derkovits Scholarship (HU)

2017    Smohay Prize, King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár (HU)

2017    Klára Herczeg Prize, Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA), Budapest (HU)

2013    Essl Art Award CEE shortlisted, Budapest (HU)




2020   AIR, MuseumsQuartier, Wien (AT)

2020   Krinzinger Projekte AIR program, Petőmihályfa (HU)

2019    Brno Artists in Residence, The House of Arts, Brno (CZ)

2019    The Morning Boat Residency, Jersey (JE)

2019    Reaktor Residency, Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava (SK)

2019    Budapest Gallery AIR program /Atelier Künstlerhaus, Salzburg (AT)

2017    Kamov Residency, Rijeka (HR)

2013    MoKS Artists Residency, Mooste (EE)




2008-   Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA), Budapest (HU)




2021      (Upcoming) Art Encounters, Timișoara (RO)

              Overview Effect, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Belgrade (RS)

              Invisible Spectra, Pannonhalma Archabbey, Pannonhalma (HU)

              Derkó 2021, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)


2020    Errant Sound, Dystopie Festival, Berlin (DE)

              Finally We Can Learn Something, Kincsem Palota, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)

              Art and Play, MANK Gallery, Szentendre (HU) 

              Derkó 2020, Kunsthalle, Budpest (HU)


2019    Short List Esterházy Art Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (HU)  

            Web of Wet, Trafó Gallery, Budapest (HU)

            Upon Us All Equally, Sala Omnia, Bucharest (RO)

            Flashforward, Kisterem, Budapest (solo) (HU)

            Conditio Inhumana, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (HU)


2018    Ruminatio, King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár (solo) (HU)

            Listing VII, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)

            Traveling with Blind Map, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)

            City vs. Nature, Deák17 Gallery, Budapest (HU)

            Found exhibition - Gulliver’s remembrance, Artpool P60 Gallery, Budapest (HU)


2017    Alloy, Contemporary Art Institute, Dunaújváros (HU)

            Xtro realm, Studio Gallery, Budapest (HU)

            The Flying Kayak, OFF-Biennale Budapest, MTA Konkoly Observatory, Budapest (HU)

            Grain of Salt, SKC Gallery, Rijeka (HR)

            Listing VI, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)


2016    Botanics and Politics, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)

           #Bartók, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (HU)

           On the Edge, Tabacka Gallery, Košice (SK)

           Accumulator, Budapest Gallery, Budapest (HU)


2015    Everybody has a dream/ everybody has a mistake, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc (HU)

            Artifcial Landscapes, Latarka Gallery, Polish Institute, Budapest (HU)

            Syntopia, OFF-Biennale, Dover Language Center, Budapest (HU)

            Change is Rare, AmA Ház, Budapest (HU)


2014    Anthropoflora, Studio Gallery, Budapest (HU)

            On Paper, Deák Erika Gallery, Budapest (HU)

            Right Tree Right Place II, Liget Gallery, Budapest (solo) (HU)

            Natural Studies, Faur Zsófia Gallery, Budapest (HU)


2013    Liget 30, Olof Palme House, Budapest (HU)

            Nominees’ Night (ESSL AWARD), Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest (HU)