Kitti Gosztola




30 x 155 x 30 cm


As the chronicles state, the last man to consult the Pythia in Delphi was Oribasius, the emissary of Emperor Julian trying to revive old customs in

spite of Christianity’s advance. In the crumbling oracle, instead of advice,

he was given a message to deliver about the demise of the holy place itself: "Εἴπατε τῷ βασιλεῖ.., "Tell the emperor...  the splendid hall fell to the ground. Phoebus no longer has his house, nor the prophesying laurel, nor the speaking well. The speaking water has dried out."


The prophecy, once interpreted as the end of an epoch, now arrives to the teleprompter of aruler desperate for the cue, but all the details are lost.

The audience sees through a mirror clearly.