Kitti Gosztola



 – with Fanni Hegedűs and Bence György Pálinkás –


collaborative project, video, hand made musical instruments
(black locust, tree of heaven, japanese knotweed)

variable dimensions


Global Villager Instruments are generic instruments that can be found all around the world, embodying the simplest ways to transform a plant into a musical device. The locust tree, the ailanthus and the Japanese knotweed all grow abundantly in Budapest, nevertheless, they can be considered invasive species there, just like in many other regions of the world. Originally, they were used as ornamental plants and crops, but letting them grow unrestricted resulted in their ubiquitous presence in urban wastelands.


The preparation of these instruments does not require expertise, they are not products of a professionalized elite culture. And if - instead of focusing on performing pieces -, we consider playing music a community activity, everyone can enjoy playing these instruments as global villagers.